Signal for Help in the Wilderness

Signal for Help in the Wilderness

Always plan and pack ahead of time for methods to signal for help when you are headed into the wilderness. Something can happen! always have fun however always be safe and prepared for anything!

Here are some things to think about, for signaling purposes, when packing your pack. These things may find yourself actually saving your life!

  • A lighter or a ferro rod with a good supply of tinder. Finding dry tinder outdoors isn’t always simple. Think about putting the lighter and cotton balls in separate, sealed plastic bags so they will stay dry. A good supply of tinder that you can bring from home are cotton balls.
  • Some bright colored material like a t-shirt, bandanna, or tarp. OR all three why not, right? Bright orange material may be a great example. Orange brings great distinction with your outdoor surroundings, which we will talk about in a minute.
  • A tiny mirror. A makeup compact mirror or a car side mirror ar great signalers.
  • Paracord. You’ll not find a use for it for signaling purposes but then again, you may. Paracord is just an item to always have with you.
  • A whistle.
  • And of course a great survival knife.

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