Survival Water Filtration Techniques

Survival Water Filtration Techniques

There are numerous devices available that will filtrate water while outdoors; but, however do you filtrate water for survival when these water filtration devices aren’t any longer available? Our ancestors filtrated dirty water for survival while traveling, hunting, migrating, etc. and survived with this data passed down to us today. Although there are several fancy gimmicks available on the market that make filtrating water much easier it’s nevertheless extremely vital to own basic survival knowledge memorized for the worst case scenario.

Boiling Water

No matter the situation, if you discover yourself at the mercy of nature searching for clean water for survival the first most basic tip will be to boil it. This doesn’t work with all water found just kinds of safe drinking water like water found in running streams, rivers, snow melt, etc. especially if this water are collected in large amounts for several people the water will need to be boiled as to guarantee its purity.

Although commonly a quick sip may be taken from streams, rivers, or other kinds of running water it’s extremely vital to boil the water as long as more than a few cups …

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