How maintain your garden in winter

How maintain your garden in winter

Your green thumb may not be so green. Perhaps, surprisingly, gardens can cause major environmental hazards. No matter how lovely your landscape, if it’s not grown with care, attention and sustainable practices, you’ll be causing a lot of harm than good to your local ecosystems. The winter season can be especially problematic, because – especially in colder regions – growers often adopt wasteful practices to accommodate the chilly weather.

Per acre, home owners use ten times more chemical pesticides and fertilizers than farmers use on commercial farmland. Once it rains, chemical runoff affects surrounding lakes and streams. It can also course into native groundwater and drinking wells.

In addition to harming local wildlife habitats and waterways, contaminated water can cause important health issues in young kids, seniors and others with compromised immune systems.

Home owners are notorious for wasting water, often using automatic sprinklers to water their lawns and gardens. Many of us also pollute the air with gasoline-powered lawnmowers and different devices. In one hour, a two-cycle engine lawnmower emits a similar quantity of exhaust as a car driven 350 miles. While this may not seem like …

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