Pet Preparedness in a Disaster

Pet Preparedness in a Disaster

Everybody should have an emergency set up in the event of unforeseen disaster. And if you’re a pet owner, your disaster preparedness should think about their health, safety, and well-being as well. It should seem obvious, but nobody thinks of it. So here’s a list of tips for pet owners to think about when making emergency preparedness plans.

Any emergency preparedness set up involves starting at the beginning, which is to say, consider based on climate, topography, and geography, which kinds of disasters are most likely, and plan accordingly. For instance, if you live in a district that’s prone to certain natural disasters, like tornadoes, earthquakes or floods, the majority of your preparations should be specific to those types of events. In many cases the safest issue to do in an emergency is to stay home so let’s think about some tips for ensuring safety in the home.

Being prepared in the home

  • Determine the most structurally sound buildings and create those your safe havens. These will be rooms that are free of hazards such as windows, and excessive shelves along the walls.
  • Utility rooms, bathrooms and basements are usually good safe zones as a result of they’re easy to clean and they provide access to water, provided that plumbing systems aren’t compromised. Access to fresh water is vital.
  • If flooding is one of the more likely disasters in your area, choose the best location in your home as a secure haven. Either that or a room with access to counters or high …

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