There are new dangers in all cities of the United States of America

There are new dangers in all cities of the United States of America

If there is anything that 2015 should be known for, it’s the increased danger that has risen up in this year. What began as a fairly normal year has been marked by variety of events, all of them violent and all of them demonstrating that things aren’t going to continue the manner we’re used to.

If anything, as nothing has been done to counter any of the urban violence in 2015. Some of which traces its roots to earlier in Obama’s reign.

Much of the urban violence of this year can be laid at the doorstep of the White House, with the policies and rhetoric of Barack Obama being their direct cause. Yet, as usual, Obama refuses to accept any responsibility for his actions or perhaps acknowledge the true causes of the violence. Instead, he blames everything on the radical right, the GOP and the NRA; claiming that all the violence is their fault.

The one shining light in all this is that Obama is continuing to be the firearm industry’s number one salesman, often prod sales by his rhetoric and threats. The bigger variety of firearms in the hands of americans voters and the bigger variety of americans who own those firearms is a protection to themselves, their families and society in general.

Of course, Obama, ever the liberal visionary, is still attempting to do everything within his power to keep those firearms out of the hands of american voters. He spouts off the usual liberal talking points regarding how the easy availability of firearms spurs violence and how taking firearms off the street can cause the bad guys to give up theirs.

While that might sound good in a school classroom or in a strictly theoretical discussion, the real world doesn’t work that means. The only protection for United States is to be ready to protect ourselves.

Fortunately a lot of and more police chiefs and sheriffs are coming to this realization and publicly declaring their support for an armed citizenship and the rights for citizens to carry concealed. They acknowledge that they’re unable to protect the public from violence, below the restrictions of current laws. So, they encourage voters to become armed and trained to defend themselves.

There‘s really no telling where this will go, but I think it’s fairly …

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