Survival Guide – Focus For Getting HOME

Survival Guide - Focus For Getting HOME

With so much focus on bugging in and out situations, I feel that not plenty is being said about those crucial moments when disaster strikes and you’re away from home. When you’re away from your preps, your bug out bag and your stockpile, things will be that much tougher. In what follows I want to give you some common sense tips that go beyond assembling a get-home bag list.

It’s hard to anticipate what you’ll be doing when it hits, the distance from home and where your spouse and children will be and many a lot of details. The more you think regarding these possible situations, the answer your mind will come up with… so let’s see if I can challenge you on an intellectual level.

Don’t Leave Your EDC Kit at Home

Ever walked away from home and decided you don’t really need to carry your EDC items just this once? You’ve had them with you so many times and nothing happened that you just get this feeling of “well, it’s not like …

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