An Elderly Guide To Survive Any Disaster

An Elderly Guide To Survive Any Disaster

As the world becomes more dangerous place with imminent disasters like hurricanes, blizzards, and floods, it’s no longer a question if a disaster goes to strike, but when. Due to both natural and manmade hazards, disaster preparedness is now a necessity. as the public becomes a lot of aware of their surroundings and sensitive to the calamities and disasters happening around the world, there is an increasing need for info regarding how to survive future disasters.

Emergencies and disasters will strike anyplace and anytime without warning. These situations will become a challenge as they push you to your limits while you fight for your safety and survival. But who very needs to be ready for future disasters? Is everybody equally at risk? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable populations when a disaster strikes.

The Elderly is More Vulnerable

There are a range of reasons why the senior is more vulnerable than most in disaster situations. Some of the obvious explanations is that older folks with physical limitations or are mentally impaired will have issues understanding instructions in keeping themselves safe and secure. If an senior has a mobility impairment, he or she will have issue when evacuating, standing in line or resting inside a crowded shelter. People in wheelchairs, and those using canes and walkers will also be unable to climb stairs. Moreover, senior people are also more susceptible to diseases when subjected to extreme temperature changes and stress during disasters. Add to these are the social and economic limitations that hinder their ability to adequately prepare for disasters; it’s no wonder that the senior desperately need a guide to help survive future disasters.

In order to fill this need, here are some of the most common and priceless tips for the elderly to survive future disasters.

Staying Alert Can Save Your Life

Elderly people can sometimes find it difficult to remain aware and responsive to their surroundings particularly during disaster situations. To address this issue, you can get convenient alarm systems designed to help your elderly loved one in any future predicaments. With this kind of alarm system, senior citizens may be notified of a possible emergency in advance …

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