How can cigarettes save your life

How can cigarettes save your life

If you’ve ever been walking along a trail in the woods, the beach, or any outdoor area and have seen the litter of cigarette butts polluting the ground, then you’re not alone. The tobacco industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world despite the general public understanding the health effects that cigarettes and other tobacco products can cause.

However, cigarettes offer more than the application of smoking them. And with boxes and crates of cigarettes sold in almost every kind of retail store across the country, it would be useful to understand what alternative applications they hold. How will cigarettes save your life?


Currency could be one thing that no longer exists after a major collapse of civilization. Items that people take for granted like coffee, sugar, and other non-essential food items will become increasingly scarce. And despite the lack of supply you’ll find that people will still crave these merchandise. The disappearance of the availability doesn’t cause the evaporation of the desire. You’ll find that people are more than willing to trade the garments off their backs for just one more smoke. Use their addiction to your advantage. You’ll exchange packs of cigarettes for food, water, or medicine. Not a bad trade, particularly if you don’t even smoke.

Insect Bites

Survival in the wild means that dealing with annoying pests that bite, sting, and pinch. while most bug bites are non-lethal, they’ll still cause discomfort. A wet wad of tobacco can assist you with that. A similar chemicals that provide smokers their buzz can provide your bug bites soothing relief. Just take the tobacco out of the cigarette, wet it, and apply …

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