Preppers New Year’s Resolutions

Preppers New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Day is upon us, time to chill, relax, get over your hangover from New Year’s Eve and in fact, partake of that great american tradition, making New Year’s resolutions. I’ve always thought of those as somewhat of a joke, considering that most folks don’t make it past a week, without breaking them. But, there are a few who actually make New Year’s resolutions and then have the self-discipline to hold through with them.

I guess in a way that’s what New Year’s resolutions are, a test of our self-discipline. After all, if we can’t plan to do something that’s useful to ourselves and follow through with it, how are we going to ever keep a promise to anyone else? Besides, how are you going to survive if you don’t have any self-discipline? If there was anything that required self-discipline, it’s survival.

Let me tell you a secret. I’m not sure if this works with everyone, however it works with me. That is, tell somebody else your resolutions; someone who is close to you, who’s opinion matters to you. I use my wife for this, but you might have a close friend that you can use. let them know and ask them to keep you accountable to your resolution.

You see, when we tell someone else, we’ve made much more of a commitment than just telling ourselves. Now there’s someone else who knows. We can not tell ourselves that we really didn’t plan to it. Not only that, but we know that breaking our commitment will make us look bad to them.

New Year’s Resolutions Just for Preppers

So, since we’re all preppers, why not use this quaint custom of new Year’s resolutions to assist ourselves prep better in the coming year. Let’s create some prepping and survival resolutions, so that when the New Year is over, …

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