Eight Ways How Smartphones Can Help To Guard Your House

Eight Ways How Smartphones Can Help To Guard Your House

Mobile phones currently aren’t just smart. They’re powerful. They make lives better, simpler, and now, safer. Our idea of a standard home security system is something that’s bulky, hard to install, and difficult to work. However, over the past decade, electronic gadgets and systems went from wireless and compact to mobile-friendly. Today, anything can be accessed and controlled via smart phone, including your home security and monitoring system.

Smartphone enabled security systems are gaining steam worldwide. Home improvement big Lowe’s found in a survey that fifty of americans like a do-it-yourself platform in securing their homes, and seventieth of smart phone users wish that they could just control everything from their mobile device.

Well, now you can control many aspects of your home anytime and from anyplace. More than just keeping up-to-date with friends and scanning your social media pages, you can also utilize your phone to boost security in your home. Here are eight simple ways your smart phone will assist you in guarding your home:

Pull up live images

You can turn your smartphones into surveillance cameras and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to do so. There are mobile applications and software you can use to hook up your security cameras to your smartphone. With these, you can view real-time images and videos of your home. You can also keep an eye on everything that matters to you wherever you’re. You can see who are the folks inside your house, what they’re doing, and check up on the baby-sitter, etc.

Get instant alerts

A smartphone can improve home security by sending you real-time alerts. If something changes, your phone can notify you via a text message, a photo, or a video. For example, if you left your lights on, forgot to lock the doors, or if any motion is detected, you’ll be alerted. You may also set the level of sensitivity to avoid frequent false alarms. The vital factor is that as soon as your security system finds something unusual; you have time to stop bad things from …

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