Prepper Skills – Blacksmith

Prepper Skills - Blacksmith

Preppers are very good at gathering the things that they need to survive. Sadly, having the correct gear is merely half the struggle. The rest lies not in what you have, however what you can do. Information is the most precious currency in the world of survival, and those who know how to make their lives easier are those who will come out of a disaster in the best safe. It doesn’t matter what you own or what’s in your kit – you need information to survive.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks about worst-case scenarios, you can’t get any worse than the total collapse of society. All of the things that are taken for granted will merely go away once the power goes off and the infrastructure to maintain it shuts down. This will mean that so many of those conveniences of life will go away, replaced by a world where people have to once again work by hand.

Learning basic industrial skills is a great way to survive, however it’s a a lot of important way to set yourself up in a post-collapse world. If you have the power to make something, you not only have the tools to support yourself, but the ability to trade those tools and talents with others who may have the items that you need. If things go badly, there’s nothing a lot of valuable in the world than having a real-world skill.

What skills will you need?

There are a lot of skills out there than any one person will learn, and it’s necessary to realize that you won’t be a master of everything. If you’re already a doctor or engineer, you’ve most likely got a ability set that will save your life – and people of others – if there’s a collapse. What’s a lot of important to learn, then, are those skills used to improve the daily lives of those in a post-collapse world. Skills like blacksmithing, masonry, or maybe trade are going …

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