How to Make Candles – Five Ways

How to Make Candles - Five Ways

When an extended emergency occurs, using the resources you have available or around your property may be your only option and hope at surviving.

Emergency lighting will be a vital aspect of your preparedness provides. If you discover yourself without lighting, with a bit creativity you can make candles using bush craft techniques, or with items found around the home.

Finding a wick is also your largest challenge. You can purchase wicks in bulk to own on hand in the event that a disaster happens, or find a suitable different.

  • Cotton string or twine
  •  Paper towel
  • Torn pieces of cloth
  • Shoe lace (with the plastic coating cut off)
  • Old cotton sock (that is clean) torn into strips
  • Cotton towel torn into strips

Whichever alternative wick you select to use, make sure the wick is a suitable size to burn the candle. Further, keep in mind to prime the wicks by soaking them in melted wax and stirring for a minute or two and allow to dry. This makes the candle burn a lot of efficiently. When placing the wick in the melted wax, …

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