Protect Your Garden From Pesky Critters

Protect Your Garden From Pesky Critters

Gardeners have to battle against more than just insects, weeds and weather. generally hungry critters like squirrels, birds, raccoons, deer, rabbits, possums and lots of others may be even bigger issues. In my own garden, I struggled with the unlikeliest of outlaws.

Cruel Crooks

The blue jays and crows dug up the kernels of corn just after they germinated, however the squirrels were the cruelest of the crooks. The tree rats gnawed through the stalks of my pole beans just for sport and sometimes pilfered my tomatoes only to take one bite and leave them rotting in the hot summer sun.

I tried numerous countermeasures to no avail. The 2-foot fence erected around the garden kept out the rabbits and dogs, but it had no impact on the more nimble critters. The lotions and potions and fake owls and spinning pie plates elicited plenty of neighborhood giggles, mostly from the animals themselves. Motion-activated scare sprinklers and shock wires nailed me a lot of usually than their intended targets.

A friend who had issues with hungry deer instructed me to use “me pee” to stay the critters at bay. Yes, she actually traveled the perimeter of her garden squatting to mark her territory. As an avid hunter, I knew she had been wasting her fluids because human urine is truly a curiosity scent that …

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