Flashlight Power

Flashlight Power

Flashlight technology has return a long approach since 1899 when British inventor David Misell obtained a U.S. Patent for an “electric device” using newly-invented “D-size dry cell” batteries. When he introduced the hand held light he initiated a revolution in lighting. Since then, flashlight design has created exceptional progress. Each light bulb and battery technology improved significantly, and the trend is continuing.

The Basics of Flashlights

The flashlight uses batteries that contain stored DC energy. Connecting many batteries together (in series) with a conductive metal strip, an on-off switch, and a bulb creates a flashlight. When the on-off switch or button on the flashlight is closed the circuit is complete and the bulb lights. Add a lot of batteries and a different bulb and you can realize an even brighter flashlight. The flashlight can be left energized providing continuous light till the batteries discharge. Then the light bulb goes out and you need to install new batteries to get the light back on.

A flashlight creates a beam of light that illuminates objects close or distant depending on the power and shape of the light beam. Because the distance from the flashlight increases, …

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