Do it Yourself Soap and Shampoo

Do it Yourself Soap and Shampoo

Today, i’ll go through the simple method to make both soap and shampoo by properly processing the root of the yucca plant. The first factor to do is to find a yucca plant. The yucca may be a perennial shrub with pointy, evergreen, sword-like leaves that reach every direction from its base, giving it a look like a ball with long green spikes. Somewhere in the middle of it, a stem grows straight and tall that, in the late spring and summer, has flowers and fruits growing from it.

Since you need the root to make soap or shampoo from the yucca, you’ll need to take the plant with you. Come at the plant from the ground and lift the leaves so they all point up. Grab the base of the yucca and pull it out of the ground in a twisting motion. If the yucca is stubborn, a shovel should create fast …

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