How to Survive with Pine Trees

How to Survive with Pine Trees

If you find yourself in a survival scenario in the middle of a pine forest, you really have lots of resources available in your natural surroundings. Most elements of the pine tree have some type of survival use including the bark, sticky resin, and wood that may be a good hearth starter.

Resin is a liquid which is stored in the outer cells of pine tree’s branches and trunk. When a tree is cut or when a branch is cut off, resin oozes out and clogs the broken space similar to the way blood clots in wounds. Resin is normally red and clear. It starts off in a highly viscous state, and then as the damaged area heals, the resin gets harder.

How to Identify Pine Trees and Growth Habits

There are many alternative species of pine trees. They generally prefer open and sunny terrain for best growth. They’re found abundantly throughout North America, Central America, Europe, parts of North Africa, in the Caribbean region, and in Asia.

Pine trees grow in an inverted cone-shaped, and can be referred to as evergreen coniferous resinous trees. They rarely grow as shrubs, and grow between 9 and a half feet on the smaller side to about 260 feet on the tall side.

They can even be recognized by their bundles of needle like leaves which grow in clusters, as opposed to having single needles rising from the branch. If the needles emerged singly from a branch …

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