Things to Think About Before Bugging Out

Things to Think About Before Bugging Out

A year or so ago, I became interested in preparing for a disaster, so I went to the internet to see what other people do to prepare. I was surprised to learn the number of people who have been preparing for quite some time, and also at the level of their preparations; purchasing remote properties, building up a personal arsenal, and shopping for and storing food stocks for their families.

I figured I needed to ‘get on board’ and start my own preparations. I had plenty to do and a lot to consider; food stocks, weapons and ammunition, off-the-grid living, communications, tools, skills, bug out bag, get home bag, maps, cash, precious metals, and much more.

I am a planning-type person, and I don’t usually do something without careful consideration and a solid plan. I prefer to think through what I’ll do, what I might need in the way of tools, parts, etc., and what my desired results are before I begin a project. Like all my projects, whether they be a family vacation, changing the brakes on my car, or getting ready for a disaster, I feel a need to set up.

I decided to work on my preparedness tasks in parallel. As I was building up my food stocks, I also built up my weapons and ammo stock, and continuing to read and study preparedness and survival. When I began to tackle a bug out set up, I found the task …

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