How to Avoid Nine Threats of the Urban Prepper

How to Avoid Nine Threats of the Urban Prepper

Even though you’ll have a well-tested food and water production system, medical alternatives, and adequate security for your bug in location, that doesn’t mean you’re really ready for anything that may happen.

No matter whether you get caught in the crosshairs of an earthquake, flood, hurricane, or military takeover, a simple problem can quickly increase into a life threatening one.

Here are nine additional special situations to consider if you’re bugging in. They will seem “normal” or relatively easy to resolve now, but they won’t be the same during a catastrophic collapse.


From kitchen fires to cigarettes left burning in bed, there are many ways that a fire can start and then escalate out of management. At this moment, chances are to call the fire department and get professional help as quickly as possible.

EMP attacks that result in large stranding can stop fire trucks from getting through, while hostile takeovers area unit possible to focus on hearth, police, EMTs and alternative community stabilizers. Also, a rise in the number of fires caused by numerous means will result in much longer waiting time, because crews are already at their limits or beyond.

Can you prevent these fires? Yes, you can, and here are just some ways in which to prevent fire …

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