Survival Kitchen – Four European Recipes

Survival Kitchen - Four European Recipes

Food and survival are symbiotic things, I mean, you can’t consider surviving without food, water and shelter, right? And, when confronted with a survival situation when SHTF, what’s the most effective issue you can do?

If you ask me, the solution is pretty straight forward: you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, just look back into our history. How did individuals used to make ends meet, thousands of years before internet, electricity and combustion engines? It looks pretty improbable these days, right, even amazing?

Well, that’s just because we got used to our modern, care-free, hi-tech life, when everything is just a click or a phone call away. However keep in mind one issue folks: back in the day, survival wasn’t a punch-line, it was a way of life. So, just by finding out how our ancestors used to live would be awesome, prepping-wise.

In today’s article, I will attempt to increase your knowledge base with a few ancient European food recipes for your survival kitchen.

Remember what that ancient guy used to say? You don’t live to eat, however you eat to live? I don’t fully agree with Hippocrates on that issue, as a result of I like to eat, …

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