Survival Archery

Survival Archery

The invention of gunpowder changed the battlefield forever and man was ready to improve his ways of waging war and killing food. Long before gunpowder was invented, a sharp stick propelled down vary was the top of ballistic technology. For thousands of years, survival archery was the only factor that helped man offer for his family and defend his lands.

In today’s modern world, using a simple bow and arrow might seem useless and obsolete. After all, we have an incredible type of guns that would do a much better job, than a simple bow or crossbow.

That might be true, but in a post SHTF world, a bow and arrow may be a must have weapon if you want to survive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not attempting to convince you to give up your lead throwers and stick with just a bow and arrow. Guns have their place in a doomed world, but there’ll be times when survival archery will have a plus over firearms.

Whether you need to be completely silent, have run out of ammo or simply need to send a line over a high tree branch, it’s nice to own a tool available that can do all these things and even more.

For most of the readers, their first encounter with a bow and arrow was probably during summer camp and it most certainly didn’t include extended lessons that would improve one’s archery skills.

Survival archery as plan B

When given the choice of only carrying one weapon, let’s say the Glock nineteen or a compact crossbow, I bet that several of the readers will select the handgun in the blink of an eye. And they’re not wrong, given that choice; I would most likely do the same issue. However, one knows that emergency preparation and long-term survival is about always having a plan B. You have a backup set up already and most people have even a backup for our initial …

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