What to do in Case of Head Injury

What to do in Case of Head Injury

In the event of a unexpected head injury, many of us don’t know a way to respond. Panicking and making rash choices may result in making the injury worse, and is just as dangerous as disregarding the injury as a mere bump on the head. Basic emergency preparedness is a life skill that can not only make you feel more calm and in control during surprising situations, however also equip you with knowledge that could end up saving a life.

Head Injury

A head injury will be sustained through several means. Although we may envision them as a result of tumbling down stairs, slipping in the shower, or occurring in a car accident, head injuries will happen as suddenly and as anti-climactically as whacking your forehead on the corner of an open kitchen cabinet.

Usually head injuries can either be closed or open. The most common being a concussion. However, in the event of any head trauma, you should ask for immediate medical

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