Surviving with Edible Plants

Surviving with Edible Plants

Believe it or not, the wild has a ton of sustenance to offer the human body if no immediate food is available or around. Other than the obvious, such as berries, a variety of plant life will offer enough carbohydrates, vitamins, and protein to keep the body from malnourishment if stranded or lost from civilization. The following is a detailed list ofedible wild plants that can be found throughout the majority of the United States including the southwest United States.


Cattail, also commonly known as Bullrush, is recognized by their cigar shaped head atop a stout stalk. Cattail will be found in various areas throughout the United States however are most typical near or around lakes and small swamps. Inside the cigar shaped portion of the cattail plant is a soft texture that, once flowered, can be used to make mats, baskets, and even torches if dipped in oil or fat. The shoots belonging to the cattail plant can harvested and consumed raw for a healthy amount of carbohydrates and vitamins. The roots can also be harvested to make …

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