Start Your Family’s Emergency Preparedness Program

Start Your Family’s Emergency Preparedness Program

Is your family prepared for the worst days? You don’t have to wait for the nightmare to come true for you to learn a way to prepare for emergency. Right now, you can really grab a pen and paper, sit with the family members and start discussing your emergency preparedness program.

It may sound difficult at first to create an emergency preparedness program particularly if you have not been through a crisis or natural disaster before. But to help you with this, what it all takes is just an easy imagination or assumption of how an emergency disaster might happen. The primary issue you need to identify is the fire exit route of your house. Note that a fire exit isn’t only intended during a fire accident, it’s also applicable for different disasters such as earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, flooding and even crime-related home invasions.

The second factor you need to think about in your emergency preparedness program could be a meeting place for your family. There might be case to case basis here. For instance during a fire accident, determine which house or place your family members will be staying temporarily. If there’s an incoming hurricane, orient the family to evacuate to a relative on a close-by city or state. Another vital element in your emergency preparedness program is the list of contacts who live outside your city or state.

In case of regional disaster such as hurricane or earthquake, it’d be difficult to stay connected …

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