Stay Safe During A Riot

Stay Safe During A Riot

Any urban or residential area in America is rarely more than one headline away from anarchy. As recent events have shown, the cultural divide in our United States serves as a catalyst for social misbehavior ranging from civil disobedience to outright may hem. Once extreme activists pour fuel on the fire and neighborhoods begin to burn, there’s also a monotonously reliable phenomenon that plays out again and again: Unarmed citizens are systematically victimized while armed citizens tend to prevail.

There are factors at play in urban survival unique to this surroundings. The obvious best choice, if circumstances allow and nothing irreplaceable is left behind, is to escape till the dust settles and let FEMA get you a new home or business. I have a relative who escaped her upscale New Orleans home when hurricane Katrina literally as the armed mob rounded the corner onto her street. If circumstances demand that you must stay put, however, a little preparation can make a huge difference.

It appears that in each recent example of civil …

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