How People React When the SHTF

How People React When the SHTF

As preppers we all prefer to contemplate how different folks react when the SHTF, but it’s probably not as easy as we give it credit for. Because our country may be a melting pot of different cultures, totally different economic classes and different religious affiliations, folks can all handle certain situations differently.

For better or worse, we all handle things differently. Some of us are better problem solvers than others, and some of us don’t handle stress very well. A mix of upbringing, gene pool and our environment all play a role in how we develop.

The reason this is vital is because today we have the option of separating ourselves from situations, or individuals we want no part of.

In an SHTF situation we most likely won’t have that choice, while we can do what it takes to stay in our homes and out of danger, we’d be getting more visitors than we ever expected, and we need to be ready for them.

Here are some ways individuals will react in a crisis. But remember, people will be very unpredictable, especially in extreme situations.

No Answer at All

For the most half, and for varying reasons, most people won’t have any answer to any large scale event. This could be because they’re completely unprepared to handle …

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