Survival Skills to Escape Deep Freeze

Survival Skills to Escape Deep Freeze

When it comes to winter survival, the primary issue most people think about is attempting to stay warm, and for good reason. In as very little as 15 minutes in cold or wet weather the body can begin displaying symptoms of hypothermia, which will include shivering, chattering teeth and decreased fine motor skills. If not addressed, the body can continue to spiral into a deeper state of hypothermia, that could lead on to unconsciousness, frostbite and potential death in as few as three hours during extreme weather.

Nothing is worse in the winter than walking around with wet clothing or clothing that doesn’t keep you heat. Clothing may be a kind of shelter and it’s your first line of defense against adverse conditions. The key to dressing properly is in the layers you select. Dressing in layers permits you to remove or add clothing to thermo regulate. You definitely need to avoid sweating if at all possible, thus having a layer or two to remove to keep you cooled off is a good way to stay dry and keep your body in check.

I usually dress in three layers when in the eastern woodlands. These layers include a moisture-wicking base layer comprised of wool undergarments, a mid-layer that includes a fleece top and at times bottoms, and an outer shell that’s usually a wool blanket shirt, such as that offered by Lester River Bushcraft, and canvas …

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