Best Home Fortification Secrets

Best Home Fortification Secrets

Few human initiatives are as ancient and respectable as home fortification. We separated ourselves from the animal kingdom by the strength of our wits, and our knack for self-defense. So in order to defend our family from others, we’d like to become home fortification experts.

Especially if the world we know collapses and desperate people want to take what’s ours. Now good home fortification doesn’t need a full castle moat and a mangled barbed wire fence ringing your lawn. making a secure home can be done by adding up lots of simple tactics. It all depends on how far you would like to take it.

So first you must ask yourself:

  • Do you want a secure house that looks as normal as possible?
  • Or are you trying to remodel the structure you live in to resemble a bunker with maximum defense capabilities?

The more difficult your home is to penetrate the more likely a criminal will choose an easier target. Make it an absolute pain-in-the-ass for the enemy, and he’ll move on to easier targets. (aka your neighbors).

So with that said, I’m going to share my very best tips to help you put your own personal home fortification plan in place.

Start With the Obvious – Security Cameras

A simple Google search can offer a large kind of home security and police work options. Systems you can purchase and have installed directly into your home.

Usually, these security services enable you to “arm” your home when you aren’t there or after you have gone to sleep. Once the system is armed, any windows breaking or doors being forced open will trigger an alarm that notifies local authorities.

They basically call 911 for you when somebody breaks in. However, this constant monitoring isn’t low cost. DIY surveillance systems are cheaper and can be set up with relative …

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