Post-Disaster Power Protectors

Post-Disaster Power Protectors

Whether manmade, naturally occurring or merely the result of a freak accident, power loss can disrupt your daily routines and activities and, at its worst, change life as you know it. Mother Nature has the power to wreak havoc through tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and other extreme weather conditions, inflicting power lines, transformers and entire city grids to falter. In addition, terrorist organizations and rogue nations throughout the globe would like nothing more than to plunge our major cities into darkness with strategic blackouts aimed at creating chaos and disrupting our national provide chain.

When municipal utilities fail, there’s no different alternative than to create your own electrical power. This is where a generator takes over. But which one should you choose? What size do you need? And what kind of fuel supply should you use to power it? These are all important questions to answer well before a crises hits your town.

Powering Up

Basically speaking, there are two main kinds of generators to consider: portable and household. Transportable generators can be transported from one location to the other either by carrying them (if small enough) or by rolling them. Home generators are stationary. They typically are placed on a concrete slab and hard-wired into your house’s electrical panel. However, the operation of both types of generators is practically the same. They both use an outside fuel supply, like gasoline, diesel, propane or natural gas, to run an engine that turns a generator and ultimately produces …

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