Six Tips to Stay Safe in Potentially Threatening Crowds

Six Tips to Stay Safe in Potentially Threatening Crowds

The world as we know it these days is fast-paced. Everywhere we go, chances are, there’s going to be a crowd. Unfortunately, in recent years, crowds can feel quite unsettling and can typically be a scary experience for some. We sleep in a much totally different time than the generations before us — wherever our feelings of safety are being taken away a little more each day.

Every time I watch the news, something horrible has happened. Angry protests turn into rioting…sometimes in the matter of minutes. In 2015, Ferguson, Missouri, as an example, folks lost their businesses due to angry protesters that took matters into their own hands. Looting ensued and fires raged throughout local businesses — businesses that some spent their entire savings to create. Some of the buildings couldn’t be saved and those business owners lost everything.

A local business in Ferguson, Missouri destroyed by fire from violent protesters in 2015. Other unfortunate (and often fatal) events that happen in crowded places reign in this country and other countries around world every day. Always be on alert and take precautions however don’t let fear keep you from your daily life.

There are ways to stay safe in crowds if the situation has become threatening, as in a riot or other similar situation. Here are six steps that could save your life in a …

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Seven Wild Plants for First-Aid

Seven Wild Plants for First-Aid

There are a number of plants grown in the wild that are normally used as first aid if stranded or living off-grid. Here are seven choices you’ll be able to use till you’ll reach professional medical facilitate.

  1. Yarrow: Found growing wild all across the United States and Canada, Native American cultures normally used yarrow as a medicine for its highly antimicrobial and anti-infectious properties. Yarrow can also be used to slow down bleeding. Steep yarrow gently into a tea and drink slowly to assist with colds, muscle cramps, fevers, aches and pain, ulcers, and to open all your passages for easier breathing.
  2. Elderberries & Flowers: We often see elderberry tea, but the flowers are even more powerful in aiding recovery from colds, flu and all respiratory issues. Elder shrub flowers, when gently steeped and cooled, make a remarkable eye wash for pink eye or conjunctivitis and different eye irritations.
  3. Aloe Vera: Native to Mexico and the Southwestern U.S., Aloe vera plants can now be found in most people’s kitchens due to their abilities to quickly soothe burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes and skin irritations. The internal gel of the wide-bladed leaves is right to be used in protecting and repairing the skin from overexposure to the sun and wind. Eat only the inner gel of the aloe vera to soothe all digestive system concerns, even constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, colitis, acid reflux and more. Keep in mind to use only the plant’s internal gel, …

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Best Hunting Rain Gear

Best Hunting Rain Gear

The best hunting rain gear is the hunter’s best friend to keeping himself comfortable and providing him that perfect protection against the rain.  As you know, hunters spend long hours in the open and many of them hunt even in a rainy day, making conditions unsuitable if not wearing the right gear. While a little rain cannot deter a hardcore hunter such as you from this exciting activity, soggy clothes and chilled body due to brisk temperature can result in a less enjoyable hunting experience.

Good news is that there are multiple choices for extreme weather hunters and are designed and made to keep you comfy and dry.  And as you know, hunting shouldn’t be focused on your gear or outfit, but it should be on having a rewarding hunt without the distraction from equipment failure.

A reliable rain suit is included in the critical hunting gears category and so it should offer you with the adequate protection and shield from the cold and wet condition, whether hunting for a duck or deer, among other game. without enough and high performance from it, your hunting trip won’t become a cheerful but a miserable one. And so today, we’ve compiled a list of the options you have when shopping for a rain suit. Later, we’re also going to feature some tips to consider when choosing the correct one for you.

Best options on the market

Frogg Toggs All Sports Camo rain suit

Breathable and waterproof, this Frogg Toggs is one of the most chosen rain suits on the market for its sturdy make and distinctive style. It will offer you with great comfort in a rainy hunting condition.  Another important feature of this gear is that it’s packable, allowing you to store it in a …

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How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy

How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy

Learning of effective ways on how to get rid of poison ivy may be one of the most vital survival skills to posses because it’d be able to save you or your loved one if any of you became a victim of this plant’s allergy-causing poison. So in this guide we’ll feature some of the basics you have to understand about it and ways on how to solve the ‘itch’ or how to eliminate the plant from your garden.

Learn what poison ivy is and how it looks like

Before we go deeper into this guide, it’s integral to learn a bit regarding this plant.  Firstly, it causes allergic reactions to seven out of ten people, and that ‘urishiol’, the main chemical on it, is what results to rashes when the skin gets in contact with it.

According to experts, it just needs about one-billionth gram of the chemical to get a rash and it stays potent on surfaces, including of garden tools up to five years. This is why this urishiol has its reputation of being the most allergenic of all allergens around; really, it immediately causes rash and itchiness from the moment it touches skin.

Worry not tho’ if you get in contact with poison ivy and develop rashes because you can treat it at home. But of course if the symptoms persist, especially if you suffer from difficulty in swallowing or breathing, develop rashes in most parts of your body and suffer from swollen shut eyelids and very itchy skin, go to the emergency room at once.

Next thing is determining how this plant looks like because it’s your first defense to stay away from it and warn others not to get near it if you were outdoors camping. It’s three small leaflets, grows as a shrub like a low woody plant found in the Northern and Western Canada and United States as well as in the Great Lakes however as a vine in many portions of the Southern, Midwest and eastern United States, bear green berries, that turn off-white in early fall and …

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How to Escape A Knife Attack

How to Escape A Knife Attack

Preparing for an unarmed knife or machete attack are a few things most people law-abiding citizens just don’t think about in our usual daily routines. This may sound like it’s supposed to happen somewhere else, but we have to face the facts — it’s happening all over, and you need to arrange now before you’re chosen as the next victim of an aggravated assault. Today, statistics say you’ve got a one in seven chance of this sort of encounter happening someday during your lifetime. Luckily, you can survive this situation by learning an easy step-by-step defense maneuver.

“When you see a bladed weapon, expect to get cut,” said U.S. Marine Corps veteran, anti-terrorism security team member and weapons expert JD Shelley. “The big difference in how badly will depend on how you react. And that depends on your preparation and training.” So let’s get you prepared.

Strike & Escape

First, think “Look up and look around.” To make yourself less of a simple target, you need to be more aware of your surroundings as you go through your daily routine. We are all in a rush, and this rush forces us to lose perspective of the surroundings around us. Remember, criminals hate it when you concentrate.

Second, think “Move and dominate.” Don’t comply and become an easy victim. Your mindset should switch into domination mode where you turn the tables on your assailant and take control of the weapon, which will better your odds of getting home safe to your loved ones. To begin off, let’s assume …

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Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Life can feel unsatisfying when we’re unable to concentrate on the moment. When our thoughts are consistently elsewhere worrying about the future or reflecting too much on the past, we pull the joy out of the current moment and forget to take life light-heartedly. It also causes us to fail to see the beauty of now, exploit us in a constant state of distraction.

Stress can reduce our life-expectancy and lead to dangerous health, which is why learning natural remedies for anxiety is essential once we’re feeling off-put or worried about something that will either happen in the future or has happened to us in the past. This guide can help us take a look at anxiety, its symptoms and causes, and twenty one ways we can deal with anxiety without the help of doctors or prescriptions.

Anxiety is an undesirable emotional state of mind reflecting inner turmoil that induces nervous behavior. In other words, it’s the feeling of dreading an anticipated happening, or reflecting on a memory and permitting it to disrupt the current moment with worry. Once the mind begins to flood with worrisome thoughts, the body begins to reflect said worry with many differing and unpleasant side-effects like increased heart rate or tension.

We often feel anxiety before presentations, exams, or a life-changing event such as having a baby or beginning a brand new career. Anxiety differs from fear in that fear could be a reaction – it typically is accompanied with a “fight or flight” situation and can be fleeting. Anxiety on the other hand is consistent and much …

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How to Use A Tactical Pen

How to Use A Tactical Pen

Our lives may be very unpredictable sometimes. Something will happen: a car crash or somebody who is harassing you. It would be a decent thing to own something, some object that could be used for other purpose but which can serve as a weapon as well. This can be why you have to learn how to use a tactical pen.

The tactical pen is what the survival specialists call a “multi tool”. You can use it as a pen, obviously. Its size, shape and appearance are the ones of a common pen. And you’ll use this device to write with it in the first place. The distinction between this one and different pens is the fact that it has another use. It’s a very powerful self-defense tool. The great factor about these weapons is that they’re quite little and easy to carry. You can also easily hide them in a pocket.

What makes them self-defense weapons? Some of the tactical pens have sharp points that are hidden in their tip. Others weigh much more than a simple pen due to the fact that they’re made out of high grade steel and they ensure a very strong strike.

The best tools of this kind will serve more purposes. This multitool will get you out of trouble. It can be used for writing, stopping someone by causing a minor wound, breaking things and even breaking glass if you use it well.

The tactical pens were created for those who don’t want to use a gun for self-defense and wish to have some helpful thing which will potentially become a weapon. They’re hard to notice and few see them as a dangerous tool. You may be also carrying a pepper spray, however you should be careful that your attacker doesn’t get his hands on it as it may hurt you instead of him.

Tactical pens have one great quality: they do not appear as weapons to others. The person who is aggressive to you’ll hardly notice that you may defend yourself. This is how you get an advantage from the element of surprise.

Reasons you need a self-defense tool

Increased violence in huge cities prompted people to seek solutions to defend themselves against aggressors. people of all ages began to attend classes that teach self-defense, martial arts generally. They also began to seek for weapons that could protect them.

The fact that more people are attending martial arts classes is because they’re concerned for their safety. Usually we hear about cases in which some person was attacked on the street, without having the ability to retaliate and without help of any passerby. To avoid such unpleasant incidents and for greater self-confidence, it’s possible to go to somebody that can teach you self-defence techniques, like muay thai, ju jitsu, kick boxing or …

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