Create A Compass Belt Pouch

Create A Compass Belt Pouch

One of the most valuable tools in the outdoorsman’s kit is his compass, yet such a lot of are left to jostle around inside a pack unprotected from other contents that could harm it. The following may be a tutorial on how to make an animal skin belt pouch for a popular sized compass, the Suunto MC-2. This case will shield the compass from scratches, provide some impact resistance and keep your primary navigation tool in top shape.

Leather Treatment

The leather used in pouches should be lightweight enough to take a good mold but robust enough to be rigid. Check each side for imperfections and marks prior to tracing.

This leather belt pouch has a belt loop and a back of the case that also doubles as the flap lid and the front of the body. Creat a leather sq. for the mold that’s slightly larger than the mold. Use a utility knife to cut your pattern, ensuring not to mar the finish. Place the animal skin that will be molded in warm water till it no longer releases small bubbles. Place it during a zip-seal bag till you’re ready to use it.

Shaping The Pouch

Create a wooden template as pictured. Bevel the sides round to stop sharp corners. Lay the pouch leather over the cut out section. Ensure the leather isn’t wrinkled or wavy, …

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