Five Easy Preps for Power Outages

Five Easy Preps for Power Outages

While power failures will happen at any time of the year, the most dangerous time for one is when it’s cold and snowy outside. What’s an inconvenience in the summer could simply kill in the winter.

Freezing temperatures and roads that can be difficult for repair vehicles to travel on add up to longer times to repair the problem and more time for you without power, and most importantly, heat. By preparing for a power failure now you can stay safe when the power goes out.

Power Failure Causes

Before getting into the checklist, let’s inspect some of the most likely causes of a power failure. While, yes, there are nefarious causes for a huge power outage like terrorist attacks, nature is far better at wreaking havoc than man could ever be.

The threat of a solar flare knocking out power transmission is all too real, and it’s probably the most dangerous and hardest to recover from. The burst of electromagnetic energy entering our atmosphere may overload our power grid, knocking it out for weeks, possibly months. This has happened on a small scale in the past and could easily happen again in the future with very little to no warning.

For most folks, however, the cause of a power failure can possibly be weather. In cold months, lines is cut by ice and snow-covered trees as well as automobile accidents and …

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