Living Off The Grid in Alaska

Living Off The Grid in Alaska

Every day, a family picks up and leaves their house in the suburbs of America and heads north. They’re heading to the wild, wild earth in Alaska. It’s one of the last places in the United States that has thousands of acres of land available for a reasonable price.

Living off the grid in Alaska may be a dream many of us have, however only a few are brave enough to take the huge leap of faith and do it. Living in an area that’s still just about untouched by humans is exciting, freeing and a little intimidating. Because the land is so remote, those who are buying land and building homes in the lovely forest land should be ready to be off the grid.

Off the grid means you’re on your own. You do not have access to public utilities. It’s you and nature. There aren’t any meters outside the house, no power lines running to and from and no underground cables. It’s really getting back to basics and enjoying this lovely land without ugly signs of civilization.

Before you head off to Alaska, there are some stuff you need to know to make sure you’re successful. There are lots of those who have made the leap and failed. They were miserable and ended up packing up and moving back into those suburbs so many others are trying to get out of. Don’t be one of those who couldn’t make it. Prepare yourself by following these ten tips.

Find the right land #1

This is by far the toughest part of getting off the grid. Never purchase a piece of land sight unseen. There are many parcels available that seem too good to be true because they’re. You’re getting to be completely self-reliant, which suggests you need a bit of land that will provide your basic requirements. There are many points to think about when you are looking for land to go off grid in Alaska.


Before you begin looking, decide just how far away from civilization you want to be. Some folks say the farther the better while others want to be off the beaten path, but still close enough to a town that they will make each day trip to get supplies. You also should decide the terrain. It isn’t all trees. There are some wide open spaces nestled in between the immense forests. Some folks wish to be surrounded by public lands. This is a method to make sure a mall isn’t going to be built not far away.

You also need to evaluate how much daylight you’re going to get. You’ll probably need to own a few solar panels to run things like a refrigerator or a hot water heater. If you’re going completely old school and are going to go without electricity altogether, that isn’t going to be a problem. However, you’ll likely need to have a garden ..

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