Gardening Tips: Gardening In The City

Gardening tips: Gardening In The City

Trying to live self-sufficiently in a city or suburban environment is rewarding however comes with several challenges. One of the most common obstacles is just a lack of space. The typical residential lot may vary anywhere from 3,500 sq. feet. to 6,000 sq. feet. Either way, even a really massive suburban lot isn’t going to be larger than a quarter acre, and often quite smaller.

Fortunately, there are various ways to save space and still grow your own food in the town. One of these ways is called edible landscaping.

Edible landscaping is the technique of planting edible foods in place of strictly decorative plants within a landscape. These edible foods could be something from herbs to full-grown squash plants.

Of course, anyone will use edible landscaping on their property but it works exceptionally well for people who live in an urban setting, for two reasons:

  1. You can grow food without affecting the value of your current landscape
  2. It won’t attract unwanted attention from neighbors or passersby

Tight-knit urban communities may not be so happy about you having garden beds on your front lawn. Such a garden also can affect your property value. Additionally, it isn’t unheard of for folks in unfortunate situations …

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