Preparing Tips – How To Prepare For A Solo Life Off-Grid

Preparing Tips - How To Prepare For A Solo Life Off-Grid

Many people dream or desire to live off-grid by ourselves, enjoying a peaceful life of solitude. However it’s easy to underestimate the issue of this. Living off the grid is hard enough if you have family and different homesteaders around you. Going it alone is even more difficult. Here are some things to think about before deciding to live alone on your off-grid homestead:

  1. Consider your physical strength

An off-grid lifestyle needs plenty of physical labor. Tilling the garden, delivering a calf, or chopping firewood are all common tasks on the homestead. So if you’re going it alone, be ready to do all the hard work yourself.

  1. Review your technical knowledge and skills

Most off-grid homesteads generate power from the land’s resources. Typical power sources are the sun for solar power, the wind for wind power, and flowing water for hydro-power. Many times these primary power systems are saved with a diesel generator.

The common power generation technologies can malfunction or just stop working. As an example, solar energy is a great technology. However, it usually entails electronic controllers like an inverter to convert captured energy into a type usable by modern appliances and equipment. You’ll need to know how to program, maintain and troubleshoot the inverter. Generating power from the wind or water rely on mechanical parts that can wear down, stop working together, or just break. Finally, while diesel generators are reliable workhorses, many years of experience with them …

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