Survival Vehicle

Survival Vehicle

Doomsday can be caused by so many factors that it’s almost impossible to consider all scenarios. When in need of a survival vehicle, the things you need to think about, depend a lot on the area you live in, the season, the number of individuals you’re planning to take with you and whether or not you have an easy survival bag or a whole gear to take with you.

Vehicle manufacturers thought about this issue as well and they’ve built survival cars meant for bug out situations. They aren’t all running on gas and they are multi-purpose as well. Even so, the average person might not have access to such vehicles in time. That’s why it’s necessary to know what you need and get it as fast as possible.

EMP-resistance factors to consider

Survival vehicles aren’t simple to choose. Here are some factors that you should think about in case you’re planning to resist a possible disastrous situation: kind of gas, fuel capacity, cargo or towing capability, off-road capability, ways of maintenance and repairs, easy to find parts, less controllable by a computer, blend in capability, materials and ways to improve it.

Although there are survival cars ready for you to buy, you should first know what to seem for in such car. The following guidelines will offer you a better idea of what could work in an EMP situation, but they don’t guarantee you a 100 percent rate of success.

  • Type of gas. In case you can’t afford otherwise you cannot trust vehicles powered by different sources, then you should know which type of has is more reliable. Diesel is your best option because it doesn’t expire as quickly as gasoline and it can be obtained from crops that you can grow by yourself. It goes without saying that nobody is going to produce gas anymore, so you have to be prepared with as much as you’ll carry. A vehicle powered by fossil fuels won’t be usable forever, but it’s a good option to run away with.
  • Fuel capacity. Survival cars ought to have a larger fuel capacity than the typical car and you should add tanks to it filled with diesel. The possibility of stopping for diesel or maybe running into a functional gas station is low. These tanks should be virtually indestructible or else you might get away, but don’t get far.
  • Cargo capability. When you wish to save your family, along with your pets, you’ll stumble upon the space problem. They’ll all have stuff they want to carry with them and most of them won’t be survival items. So, consider attaching a trailer, a roof rack or swing outs in order to optimize space. You won’t have enough time to think this through when you’ll need to bug out, so it’s best to consider it now. When you travel solo things are much easier.
  • Type of tires. Regardless of the kind of catastrophe you’re facing, you can’t rely on the roads anymore. This means that you’ll want huge tires, capable of carrying you off road, in less peachy conditions. A 4-wheel drive is your best option, to which you must add all terrain tires and spares. As extra caution means, you’ll carry towing rope and other types of towing tools that might come in hand.
  • Repairs and maintenance. A simply built engine that’s not controlled by a computer is exactly what you’re looking for. Such mechanism will easily be fixed if you also carry an instructions manual with you and some basic tools. Electronic waves might interfere with each device from Earth’s surface, so they must be excluded from your survival set up.
  • Your alternative in survival vehicle will definitely be good, but things break, so what you need is a common vehicle that can be easily fixed. If you have enough cash …

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