How To Disinfect Your Water

How To Disinfect Your Water

Water is the most crucial element in a survival situation. When disaster strikes, clean and safe water might not always be available, and if it’s, it won’t be for too long. But if you’re properly prepared with disinfecting gear, not all will be lost.

If you’re constricted by limited resources, the Centers for disease control and prevention recommends that you begin by filtering water through a clean cloth, a paper towel, a coffee filter or allow it to settle. Draw off the clear water and perform the following steps:

Chlorine Bleach

  1. Add eight drops (0.625 milliliters) of unscented liquid household gas (five to six percent) bleach for every gallon of clear water (or two drops of bleach for every liter of clear water). Add sixteen drops (1.5 milliliters) of bleach for every gallon of cloudy water (or four drops of bleach for each liter of cloudy water) …

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