Best Martial Arts for Street Fighting

Best Martial Arts for Street Fighting

Despite there being a big difference between professional martial arts and street fighting, there are some martial arts styles that will teach you the self-defense you need that can be applied to the everyday fight.

The best martial arts for street fighting don’t cover a broad spectrum that can be filled with any martial art on hand. Don’t be fooled by all those martial arts movies where you have to be black belt in taekwondo in order to defend yourself. That’s more of a martial art that’s focused on discipline and katas rather than really learning how to fight in an unpredictable situation.

If you’re interested in getting involved in a self-defense course, then these are some of the best martial arts for street fighting that you should consider signing up for. These martial arts have been chosen on the basis of the speed and simplicity of the arts themselves, and the effectiveness of the techniques in a fight.

Kali or Eskrima

This style originates from the Philippines, and was developed by the traders who live there in order to guard themselves. Because they were created by the common, uneducated man, there was no way of recording these methods during their initial creation.

The style was primarily used between the tribes that lived in the Philippines, but the more modern version has been influenced by the Spanish form of fencing in the fifteenth Century. It’s also been influenced by silat, which came from other Malaysian countries. The style focuses on sticks and knives, and it can be improvised with other objects that you may find in your vicinity when you’re on the streets.

The methods teach how to effectively use any kind of stick or rod-type weapon to defend yourself as well as attack effectively. And even if you can’t find a weapon close at hand, ….

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