How to Disrupt a Future Terrorist Attack

How to Disrupt a Future Terrorist Attack

A small townhouse in Redlands, California, was extremely popular. It got deliveries at all hours, and the residents seemed to work in the garage all night long, when most people are sometimes asleep. Some of the neighbors thought it was strange, but no one thought it unusual enough to call the police and report this odd behavior.

One neighbor reportedly detected this “suspicious activity” at the house but didn’t need to report the activity out of an unfounded fear. That fear materialized when its occupants conducted a terrorist attack and fatally shot fourteen individuals and wounded dozens of others in San Bernardino, California. After the attack, investigators seized roughly 4,500 rounds of ammunition, twelve pipe-bomb-type devices and bomb-making tools, yet nobody reported this suspicious activity. This was a tragedy that may have been averted had someone paid attention and took action.

Stay Alert

Like anything in life, paying attention to your surroundings could be a key to survival. Situational awareness at its core is being aware of things around you and identifying what’s out of place. Criminals of every swath use this well. They usually identify their “prey” largely by targeting victims that aren’t paying attention and using sensible situational awareness. For instances, you shouldn’t jog off a trail at dusk. You should notice any cars parked in an unlit and lightly traveled area. And you shouldn’t ignore screams in the distance. All of these scenarios, if paid attention to early on, could be a key to avoiding or surviving any dangerous situation.

Bad guys are usually portrayed in movies and television shows as devious and in many cases hideous looking. The villain is usually shown lurking in dark corners, pacing about like a caged animal waiting for …

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