How to Use A Tactical Pen

How to Use A Tactical Pen

Our lives may be very unpredictable sometimes. Something will happen: a car crash or somebody who is harassing you. It would be a decent thing to own something, some object that could be used for other purpose but which can serve as a weapon as well. This can be why you have to learn how to use a tactical pen.

The tactical pen is what the survival specialists call a “multi tool”. You can use it as a pen, obviously. Its size, shape and appearance are the ones of a common pen. And you’ll use this device to write with it in the first place. The distinction between this one and different pens is the fact that it has another use. It’s a very powerful self-defense tool. The great factor about these weapons is that they’re quite little and easy to carry. You can also easily hide them in a pocket.

What makes them self-defense weapons? Some of the tactical pens have sharp points that are hidden in their tip. Others weigh much more than a simple pen due to the fact that they’re made out of high grade steel and they ensure a very strong strike.

The best tools of this kind will serve more purposes. This multitool will get you out of trouble. It can be used for writing, stopping someone by causing a minor wound, breaking things and even breaking glass if you use it well.

The tactical pens were created for those who don’t want to use a gun for self-defense and wish to have some helpful thing which will potentially become a weapon. They’re hard to notice and few see them as a dangerous tool. You may be also carrying a pepper spray, however you should be careful that your attacker doesn’t get his hands on it as it may hurt you instead of him.

Tactical pens have one great quality: they do not appear as weapons to others. The person who is aggressive to you’ll hardly notice that you may defend yourself. This is how you get an advantage from the element of surprise.

Reasons you need a self-defense tool

Increased violence in huge cities prompted people to seek solutions to defend themselves against aggressors. people of all ages began to attend classes that teach self-defense, martial arts generally. They also began to seek for weapons that could protect them.

The fact that more people are attending martial arts classes is because they’re concerned for their safety. Usually we hear about cases in which some person was attacked on the street, without having the ability to retaliate and without help of any passerby. To avoid such unpleasant incidents and for greater self-confidence, it’s possible to go to somebody that can teach you self-defence techniques, like muay thai, ju jitsu, kick boxing or …

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