How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy

How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy

Learning of effective ways on how to get rid of poison ivy may be one of the most vital survival skills to posses because it’d be able to save you or your loved one if any of you became a victim of this plant’s allergy-causing poison. So in this guide we’ll feature some of the basics you have to understand about it and ways on how to solve the ‘itch’ or how to eliminate the plant from your garden.

Learn what poison ivy is and how it looks like

Before we go deeper into this guide, it’s integral to learn a bit regarding this plant.  Firstly, it causes allergic reactions to seven out of ten people, and that ‘urishiol’, the main chemical on it, is what results to rashes when the skin gets in contact with it.

According to experts, it just needs about one-billionth gram of the chemical to get a rash and it stays potent on surfaces, including of garden tools up to five years. This is why this urishiol has its reputation of being the most allergenic of all allergens around; really, it immediately causes rash and itchiness from the moment it touches skin.

Worry not tho’ if you get in contact with poison ivy and develop rashes because you can treat it at home. But of course if the symptoms persist, especially if you suffer from difficulty in swallowing or breathing, develop rashes in most parts of your body and suffer from swollen shut eyelids and very itchy skin, go to the emergency room at once.

Next thing is determining how this plant looks like because it’s your first defense to stay away from it and warn others not to get near it if you were outdoors camping. It’s three small leaflets, grows as a shrub like a low woody plant found in the Northern and Western Canada and United States as well as in the Great Lakes however as a vine in many portions of the Southern, Midwest and eastern United States, bear green berries, that turn off-white in early fall and …

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