Prep For Children

Prep For Children

Losing a child could be a parent’s worst nightmare. We may not be ready to protect our kids every second of every day, however we can put preventative measures into place that will help. Educating our kids on safety issues from an early age is the most effective way to safeguard them. They’ll have grown up following safe guidelines, will have experience in making good choices and will know they will come to you if something happens.


Begin by completing a child identification kit for each child that may be obtained from local police departments or on-line. Oftentime parents are overcome with emotion and having a child ID kit makes it simple to get valuable info to the police quickly. These kits usually include a recent picture, a fingerprint chart, a DNA sample and different identifying components. To be most useful, ID kits should be updated each six months until the kid becomes older, then just the picture needs to be updated.


As they grow, your kids will be on their own more usually, so teaching them how to be safe and what to do in emergencies from an early age is one of the mos …

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