Most Poisonous Spider

Most Poisonous Spider

Whether you’re a regular outdoor enthusiast or just cautiously curious, it’s fascinating to learn about the tiny, yet fierce creatures in our world. It’s quite phenomenal to think that something small enough to fit in the palm of your hand can be the cause of your death. If you’re in the woods or wild, it’s almost easier to realize such threats as bears.

Smaller critters like spiders, on the other hand, have a way of sneaking up on you and really catching you off guard. All the more reason to make yourself aware of the most toxic spider in your region and any areas you plan on visiting.

The most deadly spider

There are a number of incredibly dangerous arachnids around the world. However, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, the most venomous spider is the male Sydney Funnel-Web spider or Atrax Robustus. This spider is native to various parts of Australia and is part of a bigger group of similar …

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