How to Survive Doomsday

How to Survive Doomsday

For those of you who suppose that social collapse is nothing but a good idea for a horror flick, we’ve got news for you: even National Aeronautics and Space Administration thinks it’s attending to happen all too soon as a result of our society has reached the same stage all great societies do before crumbling to the ground. The point is that we’ve spent most of our natural resources, which will result in our unimpeded doom. But there are also other scenarios we might want to think about that will hasten our demise, apart from global warming, like a virus or perhaps a generalized power outage.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to understand to get yourself prepared for an occurring disaster that might ruin our society, and the way you’ll survive in those heinous conditions.

What are the worse case scenarios?

To be honest, the absolute worse that can happen is a nuclear bomb. But if that’s the case, we’re all dead, except those who’ve built impressive and durable bunkers with tons of provisions. However, there are some different things that may happen which we can be ready for.

A zombie virus

It’s true that medicine has advanced tremendously, but that facilitated the evolution of different dangerous things, since certain viruses have become immune to medication. It’s not far-fetched to think that we can be infected with something so strong which will control our minds, and remodel us completely.

Besides, there are all types of experiments being done we don’t know about that can facilitate the evolution of this kind of virus.

A power outage

If that happened, we wouldn’t have any access to:

  • Food – Crops need to be watered, and irrigation systems will fail. But food also needs to be transported, and that can’t be done without electricity.
  • Running water – You can’t have that without electricity, and generators work for a limited time.
  • Heat – Most heating systems need electrical power to work.

Additionally, all the prisons in the world have electrical fences and power-activated doors, which would suddenly …

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