How to Build a Taser

How to Build a Taser

Most people, when in need for self-defense, usually turn to purchasing a manufactured taser or stun gun. But few people actually embark on the journey of making their own.

And it can be quite fun, and you also learn a few things about how electricity and circuitry works (if you don’t know already). Some engineer students are given similar projects in the beginning of the course, so it’s nothing fancy or hard to make. You can use parts that are easy to find, either from gadgets you already have, or some refurbished devices or second-hand cheep ones.

While there are loads of tutorials online, some are too easy, others are even dangerous, we’ve compiled instructions, which require of you items that are accessible and easy to find, and the process itself doesn’t ask of you days upon days to achieve. So, if you’re up for the challenge, we believe you will enjoy this article and tutorials.

How to Build a Taser

BBQ lighter taser

You will need very few items – a barbecue lighter, scissors, duct tape and an ordinary. Begin by dismantling the lighter and pen. You need to remove all the screwdrivers and tapes that are on the lighter so you can open it safely. Then you have to locate the small black item which holds the two cables, which basically start the spark when you try to use the lighter the normal way. Cut the cables, so that they are on average the same length as the pen you’ve prepared. Cut the plastic insulation off the top of the two cables, no more than half an inch.

You then need to make sure that the two cables are stretched facing away the button of the black item you extracted from the lighter. Imagine that when you need to use the final taser, …

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