How to become a flight attendant

How to become a flight attendant

Flight attendant career is rewarding. Airline companies rely on these professionals to take care of their customers. Before you become a flight attendant, you should first have a flight attendant licensing and certification issued by the FAA that is the Federal Aviation Administration. This means that you have to compare the various training programs and select only those that satisfy FAA requirements. Most airline companies demand that a flight attendant meets all the requirements before they are employed. The requirements ensure that candidates undergo a background check and high security evaluations. Therefore, you must concentrate on discovering the best training institutions that provide training that meets those requirements.

The academic requirements that you must possess is to acquire a high school diploma or you get any of its equivalents. With the qualification, you can enlist in any of the choice schools, and pay all the necessary fees. However, know that you must pass through all the background …

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Investing for a Financial Collapse

Investing for a Financial Collapse

Many people are talking about a financial collapse these days; not just preppers, however the population in general. We hear from billionaire investors, economists, politicians and average folks on the street that the economy can’t handle much more, before going over the edge.

If you look at past financial collapses, there are many signs that we have one coming. In fact, according to some of those signs, we’re overdue for it. Apparently something is still holding up the U.S. economy and if that “thing” ever gets removed, we’re going to be on a fast elevator ride, heading for the financial basement.

There’s no way of knowing precisely when this monetary collapse is going to come, however we can be pretty sure that it’ll come. The actual timing depends upon several factors, with some people attempting to make it happen and others attempting to stop it from happening. Part of the matter is that different folks disagree on what will ultimately cause it, with totally different schools of economic theory claiming that the restorative measures of another theory being exactly what will put us over the edge.

One issue is evident, the economy can’t continue going as it is, without some type of negative consequences. Government spending is out of control; banks and the stock market are being pampered …

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Use your resources with responsibility in uncertain times

Use your resources with responsibility in uncertain times

With the cost of everything going up and also the future unsure, stretching your resources and re-purposing things becomes a lot of of a necessity. I’m always searching for new ways that to get the “max for the minimum.”

Some recent posts here reminded me of some of this stuff. My grandparents and parents were a young family once the good depression hit. What types of things did they are doing to form ends meet when things were expensive or scarce?

Unfortunately, several of them who went through this period in time are no longer with us. However, I keep in mind some things they did or heard of them doing, that now, looking back, were obviously brought about by the times they lived in. Even after times improved somewhat, some still stuck to sure ways of doing things. Old habits are hard to break.

Hunting and gardening were essentially a given back then. Most everybody outside the town limits did one or both of this beside bartering services for goods. Alittle carpentry or plumbing work for some of chickens.

I remember my granddaddy mixing his old used motor oil with alittle bit of kerosene and spraying the underside and inner fender wells of his pick up truck just before winter. He claimed it helped shield the truck from incurring rust damage over the winter months. Getting a lot of serviceable years out of the truck.

I am sure environmentalists would have a cow over this these days, however it was the simplest way of taking something that didn’t seem to possess any usefulness left ,and yet, finding …

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Survival Guides – Surviving an Economic Collapse

Survival Guides - Surviving an Economic Collapse

In the case of an economic collapse your life will be turned upside down. The paper that your cash is printed on will be simply that, paper. If you’ve got done a decent job prepping, most of your possessions are a lot of valuable that any printed cash, and even gold.

Drinkable water, food and supplies you’ve got prepped would become the new gold. But having these provides is one issue, keeping these provides is an entirely different problem. Preparing and protecting the items you’ve got stockpiled are crucial to your survival, no matter what scenario you find yourself in.

There ar some things that stay constant regardless of where you live, your cash are worthless, you may need to have an escape set up and you must have caches set up along your escape routes as an extra precaution.

It is forever better to walk away alive and empty handed than dead and empty handed, particularly if you recognize you’ve got a cache of survival provides close to by, understanding how folks can react throughout a chaotic situation, and finally learning survival skills can assist you when all else fails or your provide runs out.

What Are Your Options

  • Do you live in a rural setting?
  • Do you live in an urban setting?
  • Do you live In a suburban setting?

An Urban Crisis

Coping with an economic collapse in an urban setting would require quick action and survival skills, just because you reside in the huge town doesn’t mean you won’t be ready to utilize wilderness and military survival skills. Things you will need to trust are:

  • What will you do when somebody tries to force their manner into your home? You’ll not be ready to hide under the bed and hope they leave, thus you better have a gun, and you better be ready to use it. Generally just the sound of a shell being chambered in a shotgun can run them off, but don’t count on it.
  • What if you discover yourself in the middle of a mob of rioters? During this situation you’ll need to understand where your safest escape route is. You’ll be out searching for water or provides, and as you turn the corner “HOLY SHIT!” There are one thousand folks moving in your direction. If finding an exit purpose isn’t an choice you’ll need to keep as distant from the action as possible, a mob intent on robbery and destruction won’t pay a lot of attention to you, unless …

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Survival Guides – Five Tips for Being Financially Prepared

Survival Guides - Five Tips for Being Financially Prepared

If you lost your job or suffered a significant injury tomorrow, would you be financially prepared? One of the cornerstones of economic freedom is being prepared for setbacks, but increasing your savings while also paying down debt, saving up for expensive purchases and probably providing take care of kids or aging parents may be a challenge. Here are some fast tips for money readiness.

Know What You Can Trim

  • If you’re pleased with your budget as it is, there’s no ought to make any changes straight away. However, you do ought to remember of a way to scale it back just in case of disaster. Are you able to bump your mobile phone arrange down to the minimum package without a penalty? Can you do the same with your cable and internet packages? Does one really want the costly car loan? Decide and make a listing of all the ways that you’ll scale down if a money problem crops up. This will offer you peace of mind and a plan to work from …

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China Confronts the Market

China Confronts the MarketChina’s current economic woes have for the most part been viewed through a single lens: the government’s failure to let the market operate. however that perspective has led foreign observers to misinterpret some of this year’s most significant developments within the foreign-exchange and stock markets.

Undoubtedly, Chinese powers do mediate firmly in different ways. From 2004 to 2013, the Individuals Bank of China (PBOC) purchased trillions of dollars in remote trade holds, along these lines keeping the renminbi from acknowledging as much as it would have had it drifted openly. All the more as of late, …

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Greek crisis: surrender financial power consequently for bailout

Greek crisis - surrender financial power consequently for bailout

Brussel negotiations were being carried on, well past the deadline with its 19 Eurozone partners. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and European leaders were still in discussions, early Monday morning, on how Greece would guarantee the measures proposed, in exchange for a rescue package to prevent the banks from collapsing.

You have to wonder what financial experts are whispering about – is it about the bailout or is it about Greece’s euro currency. Euro partners, like Germany, have warned that if Greece doesn’t concede to their offerings, that the country could be temporarily forced from the euro system, which the country has been a part of since 2002.

The obstacle appears to be the terms of the austerity package and its timing. The leaders are discussing Greece’s request for a 3-year, 53.5 bn-euro financial package, but other Eurozone leaders report that they believe that Greece should have more funding, thus they believe tougher measures should be implemented, after all, this is Greece’s third bailout in five year.

Prime Minister Tsipras wants the ECB to help the banks, but, creditors object to this idea, until the Parliament of Greece, passes …

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