Expected in 2016

Expected in 2016

What Do We Expect in 2016?

So, the next year is going to be a hard one. We can expect several things to happen. Sadly, they’ll not be things for the better. We’re going to have to wait for a conservative president to get into office, for things to truly turn around. The question is, will we get one?

As I look down the road before us, these are the things I see happening. These aren’t prophecies, as I’m not a seventh son, born under a seventh son. Nor do I have a crystal ball to use. But I can look at what’s going on in the world and see trends. All I will offer you is where I see those trends going.

Terrorist Attacks

ISIS has made it clear that they intend to take the war to us. The recent attack in San Bernardino was the opening salvo of their war on our soil. We can expect a lot of to follow, as they try to wear us down and force us to submit to their will.

There is no way that ISIS will beat the United States in a conventional war, that’s why they are forced to resort to terrorism. Their goal isn’t to destroy our military might, however merely to sew enough fear and discord in our society, that we give up to them. That way, they’ll end up with what they want, rule over the world.

Of course, there’s a major miscalculation in that strategy. While I’m sure that liberals would be quick to surrender, thinking that they were doing the noble issue, conservatives won’t. If things get to that point, we’re going to see warfare in our streets. While there are many who might think that to be good, we have to remember that our government will side with the Muslims, as long as Obama is in office.

Increased Racial Tension

I firmly believe that the racial tension which we are experiencing in our country these days has been intentionally manufactured by Obama in an effort to bring about racial civil war. If he truly cared about Blacks, there would be no way that he would be permitting the things to happen that are happening…

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There are new dangers in all cities of the United States of America

There are new dangers in all cities of the United States of America

If there is anything that 2015 should be known for, it’s the increased danger that has risen up in this year. What began as a fairly normal year has been marked by variety of events, all of them violent and all of them demonstrating that things aren’t going to continue the manner we’re used to.

If anything, as nothing has been done to counter any of the urban violence in 2015. Some of which traces its roots to earlier in Obama’s reign.

Much of the urban violence of this year can be laid at the doorstep of the White House, with the policies and rhetoric of Barack Obama being their direct cause. Yet, as usual, Obama refuses to accept any responsibility for his actions or perhaps acknowledge the true causes of the violence. Instead, he blames everything on the radical right, the GOP and the NRA; claiming that all the violence is their fault.

The one shining light in all this is that Obama is continuing to be the firearm industry’s number one salesman, often prod sales by his rhetoric and threats. The bigger variety of firearms in the hands of americans voters and the bigger variety of americans who own those firearms is a protection to themselves, their families and society in general.

Of course, Obama, ever the liberal visionary, is still attempting to do everything within his power to keep those firearms out of the hands of american voters. He spouts off the usual liberal talking points regarding how the easy availability of firearms spurs violence and how taking firearms off the street can cause the bad guys to give up theirs.

While that might sound good in a school classroom or in a strictly theoretical discussion, the real world doesn’t work that means. The only protection for United States is to be ready to protect ourselves.

Fortunately a lot of and more police chiefs and sheriffs are coming to this realization and publicly declaring their support for an armed citizenship and the rights for citizens to carry concealed. They acknowledge that they’re unable to protect the public from violence, below the restrictions of current laws. So, they encourage voters to become armed and trained to defend themselves.

There‘s really no telling where this will go, but I think it’s fairly …

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Supreme Court Leaves Assault Weapons Ban Intact

Supreme Court Leaves Assault Weapons Ban Intact

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday handed a legal victory to advocates of banning firearms commonly known as assault weapons.

By leaving a suburban Chicago gun control law intact, the court gave a boost to efforts aimed at imposing such bans elsewhere, at a time of renewed interest in gun regulation after recent mass shootings.
Police say the attackers in San Bernardino used such weapons as did the gunman who attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic two weeks ago in Colorado.

The court declined to take up a challenge to a 2013 law passed in Highland Park, Illinois that bans the sale, purchase, or possession of semi-automatic weapons that can hold more than ten rounds in a single ammunition clip or magazine. It specifically includes certain rifles, including those resembling the AR-15 and AK-47 assault-style firearms. Semi-automatic weapons are capable of  ….

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12 pipe bombs, 4,500 bullets and explosive tools found in home of San Bernardino killers

12 pipe bombs, 4,500 bullets and explosive tools found in home of San Bernardino killers

The radicalized Muslim and his Pakistani wife who killed 14 people in San Bernardino used the same designs as the Boston Bombers to put together 12 pipe bombs, reports suggest.

Police raided the home of US-born Syed Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, and found a chilling cache of 4,500 bullets they didn’t use for the attack, and tools used to make explosives such as IEDS.

The armory they developed, which included the 1,600 bullets and four weapons they took to the scene of the shootout with police, could have cost them as little as $4,000.

The pair seemed to be using blueprints found in many issues of Inspire, Al Qaeda’s extremist online publication in the Arabian Peninsula. The magazine in the past has outlined how  …

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San Bernardino Mass Shooting Is Reported

San Bernardino Mass Shooting Is Reported

Emergency crews responded Wednesday to reports of a shooting with multiple victims in San Bernardino, Calif., the city’s fire and police departments reported.

The Fire Department posted on Twitter that there were reports of as many as 20 victims.

The city Police Department confirmed that it was handling an “active shooter” incident, but declined to say more. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s ..

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Captagon – The Jihadist Islamist Drug

Captagon - The Jihadist Islamist Drug

Dubbed the “jihadist’s drug,” Captagon is quickly flooding the middle East and is claimed to be supply the bloody conflict in Syria. French media recently reported that the Paris attackers might have taken the drug.

Last weekend, Turkish anti-narcotics police confiscate eleven million Captagon pills in a haul that weighed nearly 2 tonnes. it was set to ship to Gulf countries. widely illegal since the mid-eighties, the pills offer an inexpensive and long high and are extremely addictive. They also have the potential to cause mental disease and brain injury.

The production of the drug, which keeps fighters awake over long periods of time, is said to be providing financial gain for all factions concerned in the Syrian war.

During the last year, shipments of Captagon have been seized on the way to the West Bank, Jordan, Sudan, Syria and also the Gulf. In October, an Saudi prince who was arrested for attempting to export two tons of the drug onto a plane.

As Syria has been engulfed in war, smugglers of the little-known, extremely addictive pills have been forced to search out alternate routes through Lebanon.

Lebanese journalist Radwan Mortada has spent ten years investigating crime, corruption, and the war in Syria. In her documentary for journeyman photos, The Drug supply Conflict in Syria, Mortada follows the Captagon path, from users on the battlefields to traffickers …

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France – Ground Zero For The Terrorist Attacks

France – Ground Zero For The Terrorist Attacks

It has become more and more clear to anyone who has been look since 9/11, that the attack on the twin towers wasn’t an isolated incident, but rather the opening salvo during a new war. While President Bush responded to it by declaring his ill-famed “War on Terror,” he was late, terror, compliments of variety of islamic organizations, had already declared war on the western world.

I say the western world, instead of the United States, because up till the some years, there are only a few terrorist attacks on the United States. However throughout those ensuing years, those terrorist organizations are busy in Europe. It wasn’t extremely till the increase of ISIS, that we saw a lot of an increase of islamic terrorist act here at home.

But we aren’t the first target in the plans for this jihad. Whereas the Muslim world hates the United States and totally intends to bring us down, they need decided to go after Europe first. A lot of specifically, it seems that they need chosen France as ground zero.

The terrorist attacks in Paris on friday the thirteenth, are the second major terrorist act in Paris to receive worldwide press this year. Together with the attack on Charlie Hebdo, earlier this year, islamic terrorists have succeeded in killing over one hundred eighty people in Paris this year, final numbers on this latest attack ar still unsure as of this writing. While not returning anywhere near the attack on the twin towers, this can be a big range of innocent lives ended, during a war to conquer the planet.

Make no mistake, this can be a war and its goal is world conquest. Muslim leaders have created it clear that this can be a holy war, a jihad, with the goal of making a worldwide islamic caliphate. Under such a caliphate, the rest folks have three options: convert to Islam, become what’s basically their slaves or die. If we hesitate choose, they’ll decide for us and simply kill us.

While Muslims ar invading all of Europe, it’s clear that they’re concentrating on the wealthier countries. Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom and France have all …

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