Desk-Size Turbine Could Power a Town

Desk-Size Turbine Could Power a Town

GE Global Research is testing a desk-size turbine that could power a small town of about 10,000 homes. The unit is driven by “supercritical carbon dioxide,” which is in a state that at very high pressure and up to 700 °C exists as neither a liquid nor a gas. After the carbon dioxide passes through the turbine, it’s cooled and then repressurized before returning for another pass.

The unit’s compact size and ability to turn on and off rapidly could make it useful in grid storage. It’s about one-tenth the size of a steam turbine of comparable output, and has the potential to be 50 percent efficient at turning heat into electricity …

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NASA’s Create a New Engine Which Could Reach Mars in 39 Days

NASA's Create a New Engine Which Could Reach Mars in 39 Days

NASA recently provided $10 million in funding to Ad Astra Rocket Company of Texas for further development of its Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR), an electromagnetic thruster capable of propelling a spaceship to Mars in just thirty-nine days. NASA’s funding was part of the “12 Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnership.” Ad Astra’s rocket can travel ten times quicker than today’s chemical rockets while using one-tenth the quantity of fuel.

The VASIMR system would cut the trip to Mars by months according to Franklin Chang Diaz, a former MIT student, NASA astronaut, and now CEO of Ad Astra.

According to Diaz, “This is like no other rocket that you may have seen in the past. It is a plasma rocket. The VASIMR Rocket is not used for launching things; it is used for things already in orbit. This is called “in-space propulsion.”

VASIMR heats plasma, an electrically charged gas, to extremely high temperatures using radio …

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Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050

Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has launched these days the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to make Dubai a world hub for clean energy and green economy.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed affirmed that the United Arab Emirates is leading international efforts in clean and renewable energy despite having one of the world’s largest oil reserves.

Sheikh Mohammed said: “The strategy we are launching today will shape the energy sector in Dubai over the next three decades. It aims to provide 75% of the emirate’s energy through clean energy sources by 2050, reflecting our commitment to establish a sustainable model in energy conservation which can be exported to the whole world, and support economic growth without damaging the environment and natural resources. Our goal is to become the city with the least carbon footprint in the world by 2050.”

He added: “Every investment in the development of clean energy sources is at the same time an investment to protect the environment for future generations. It is an effort to build our sustainable economic sectors which do not depend on non-renewable energy resources and are unaffected by volatile energy prices. Through this strategy, which is based on innovation, research and development, we aim to explore the future of the energy sector to unveil initiatives that will make use of the scientific and technological developments in this sector and take the lead in their development and application.”

His Highness asserted that the UAE is keen to become a worldwide reference platform in sustainability practices by remodeling concepts into real applications. His Highness called on international companies and R&D

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Thorium could power the planet and your car for a hundreds years

Thorium could power the planet and your car for a hundreds years

If your car was high-powered by thorium, you’d ne’er got to refuel it. The vehicle would burn out long before the chemical did. The thorium would last so long, in fact, it might most likely outlive you.

That’s why a corporation known as Laser Power Systems has created an idea for a thorium-powered car engine. The component is radioactive, and also the team uses bits of it to build a laserbeam that heats water, produces steam, and powers an energy-producing turbine.

Thorium is one amongst the most dense materials on the earth. Atiny low sample of it packs twenty million times more energy than a similarly-sized sample of coal, making it a perfect energy supply.

The factor is, Dr. Charles Stevens, the chief executive officer of Laser Power Systems,  that thorium engines will not be in cars anytime soon.

“Cars aren’t our primary interest,” Stevens said. “The automakers don’t need

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One Hour on This Bicycle May Power Your Home for 24 Hours

One Hour on This Bicycle May Power Your Home for 24 Hours

People usually complain regarding the high prices of energy and also the fact that they “never have time to exercise.” This invention certainly solves both conundrums.

And, most significantly, this free power invention has the potential to raise the 1.3 billion people who presently live without electricity out of poverty.

As Manoj Bhargava, the founder of the Free Electric Hybrid Bike, shares within the video below, it’s possible to get electricity at home whereas simply doing a daily workout routine.

When an individual pedals the bike, the action drives a flywheel, that turns a generator and charges battery. This suggests from just one hour of pedaling, a rural household will be supplied with energy for twenty-four hours.

The billionaire and his team developed the bicycle to take advantage of energy created by humans to resolve one of the world’s most pervasive issues.

“Everything requires energy. Energy is the great equaliser,” says Bhargava, …

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Survival Tips – How to Use tech for Survival Prep

Survival Tips - How to Use tech for Survival Prep

Whatever reason you’ll have for prepping, whether or not you only need to be safe just in case of future tornado or future war, you’ll have your mind stuck on the thought that technology will do you no good in any type of natural disaster or post-apocalyptic ravaged world. However, not all tech runs on the grid, and not all danger situations call for the grid to go down or an EMP to knock our gadgets out cold.

Think about however usually you get on-line currently and appearance up info on how to be prepared for anything that will come your way. The net has made it easier for individuals to find out a way to clean lake water and how to create a shelter. The net and blogger websites aren’t the only ways in which technology can assist you in a survival scenario.

Help From Computers

You still need to own your laptop, while you can. Even individuals living off the grid find ways to get on-line sometimes, if they need to. If something, it’s a good way to connect with different preppers.

For prepping, though, it’s very helpful to own a secure server wherever your laptop or home computer stays protected against outside threats. The data you have got stored is something you don’t need others obtaining a hold of, particularly if you’re planning for your safety or simply storing all of your most significant information.

Just because people always mention being off the grid all the time when it involves homesteading and survivalism doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your …

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India permits free energy technology

India permits free energy technologyThe free energy that is found in India has given it its pride. It is also much willing to risk challenging Petrodollar countries with its move to support the Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG). It was invented by its engineer who was the former Executive Director of the Nuclear Power in India.

All these developments could not have gone through without considering the possible consequences that could have erupted from the petrodollar nations. India has decided to align its military program with Russia against the Nazionist cabal that is imposing all sorts of sanctions to destroy.

Breaking News

The RLG generator was invented by Paramahamsa Tewari, who was an electrical engineer. The efficiency of the models he has built is as high as 250%. I made one visit in November 2014 to see the basis of the RLG that began in 2010. After I had arrived there, small experiments were done to prove how the RLG works. I found out that the work was ingenious, and the breakthrough was imminent.

The experiment has been done severally to prove the efficiency of generators far above the previous design. The design uses the same materials that were used before in the previous generators, but the magnetic circuit is the only device that was changed and configured to cancel back the torque while inducing current and producing power.

In my November visit, I saw two tests that were carried out to test for efficiency on the new model. The second test turned out to produce better results than the first one by a 238% efficiency. This might shift to 300% if the stator coils are connected to the circuit. This is a three phase generator that operates at 50 Hz.

We later visited a 130-acre factory, and when the chief electrical engineer saw our drawings of the RLG, …

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