Prepping Guides – Communication and Bug Out Planning

Prepping Guides - Communication and Bug Out Planning

Bugging out may not be as easy as going from point A to point B. You could notice that the toughest part is obtaining everybody together and on the same page just to get to the point wherever you can bug out, this is why deform planning and communication is so necessary.

Think of it like spending the day with the family at the park, if you’ve got the whole family at the park and you’re preparing to go. You know where the car is, and you know where the exit is, but before you leave you wish to round everybody up. So what do you do? Do you search around the park looking for everybody, which results in lost time and frustration?

If you have a plan in place before hand you’ll tell everybody we are meeting here at 4:00 so you better be here you’ve got a better shot at obtaining everybody together when it’s time to go. I say a much better shot because very rarely does everybody show up when and where they’re supposed to, teenagers get distracted pretty easily. It may be a pretty lady, they don’t understand the fastest route back or their head is simply in the clouds and they lost track of time.

Your plan is just like everything else that comes with prepping, it all depends on your family makeup. We need to look at all the different possibility’s we can, and know that it probably won’t work like we expected it to.

Having everybody meet at your home would be the best case situation, everybody knows the way to get there and that is where you have all of your provides. However what do you do if your house is in the middle of a hot spot and you not only need to get out quickly, but you don’t need your family to venture into this danger zone thinking it’s the right selection.

Make sure everybody knows about an alternative rally point, and ensure that everybody knows a way to assess the situation to insure everyone seems to be on a similar place. This is vital because there won’t be cell phones or the other manner of …

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