Eleven Mistakes Every Prepper Should Avoid

Eleven Mistakes Every Prepper Should Avoid

We have all done it – made an error with our preps that was either a stupid use of our time, a waste of our money, or both. The great news is that with a few of years of prepping experience behind you, you may begin to recognize those things that are worthy and those that are folly.

I say this from personal experience. This year I even have completely overhauled my bug out bag, started over with my pocket survival kit and EDC, and have shifted my focus on food storage from anything and everything, to a a lot of select group of merchandise that are good tasting and easy to prepare.

And here is the massive one: I recognize that while it’s vital to grow food, for a few of us, growing enough to sustain ourselves is impossible due to space, climate, or different factors. It’s way more reasonable, for example, for a few people to focus on herbs and especially medicinal plants.

Fortunately, it’s rare that anyone person will make all of the mistakes in this list, but chances are you have made one or two. Check them out; they’re in no particular order.

  1. Creating a three day kit and ignoring the long term

The government, the media, and the Red Cross are promoting the three-day kit for so long that it’s safe to mention that the term “three day kit” is currently common vernacular. Not surprisingly, the 3-Day Kit has also become a promoting phenomena.

The good news is that the a lot of that people jump onto the three day kit …

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