Seven Wild Plants for First-Aid

Seven Wild Plants for First-Aid

There are a number of plants grown in the wild that are normally used as first aid if stranded or living off-grid. Here are seven choices you’ll be able to use till you’ll reach professional medical facilitate.

  1. Yarrow: Found growing wild all across the United States and Canada, Native American cultures normally used yarrow as a medicine for its highly antimicrobial and anti-infectious properties. Yarrow can also be used to slow down bleeding. Steep yarrow gently into a tea and drink slowly to assist with colds, muscle cramps, fevers, aches and pain, ulcers, and to open all your passages for easier breathing.
  2. Elderberries & Flowers: We often see elderberry tea, but the flowers are even more powerful in aiding recovery from colds, flu and all respiratory issues. Elder shrub flowers, when gently steeped and cooled, make a remarkable eye wash for pink eye or conjunctivitis and different eye irritations.
  3. Aloe Vera: Native to Mexico and the Southwestern U.S., Aloe vera plants can now be found in most people’s kitchens due to their abilities to quickly soothe burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes and skin irritations. The internal gel of the wide-bladed leaves is right to be used in protecting and repairing the skin from overexposure to the sun and wind. Eat only the inner gel of the aloe vera to soothe all digestive system concerns, even constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, colitis, acid reflux and more. Keep in mind to use only the plant’s internal gel, …

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What to Know Before Living off The Grid

What to Know Before Living off The Grid

People living in the wilderness have considered a change of pace, leaving the routine behind and choosing to live in peace out of many troubles way. If you have been considering living off the grid and perhaps trying to live like the ancestors, what do you have to know about wilderness living, like having an organic garden, raising sheep and chicken and diving into this completely new primitive world?

In general, wildness living is about survival, which falls into two categories — staying alive and using the wilderness as a way of life. The main stress is learning how to live independently, using the resources around you in order to stay alive yet fulfilled and well nourished.

Wilderness living is living in a primitive fashion, without things, including axes and guns, as much as possible. However that of course may be impossible by now because most tools we use are manufactured. In order to remain alive and live in a semi or primitive fashion, whether it’s a conscious effort, as in a hobby, you should learn of the fundamentals regarding what to know to start this type of life, whether on a temporary or a permanent basis. So, we’re here to present you the techniques and processes to live off the grid.


Before anything, you should determine the action to take, something appropriate for the environment, taking consideration the climate, the resources and so on in the place you think about to become your next home. Therefore, you will also need survival skills based on the conditions in the place where you want to live.

Remember, there’s a significant difference between living in the woods of the mainland, living in the subzero Alaska and living in the Sahara Desert. In this case, you should know how incredibly different the locations are so that you’ll prepare with the survival skills you need to adapt and live in your …

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Survival Supplies – Helping You Stay Alive

Survival Supplies - Helping You Stay Alive

Survival supplies refer to the materials that are essential to keep human life safe especially when his activity involves isolation from his normal survival tools, such activities are, typically, hiking, nature trekking, camping and even normal activities like plane travel or cruise vacation. Survival supplies don’t necessarily guarantee a one hundred percent life saving activity, however these provides will for sure facilitate in the worst of situations.

Survival provides are sometimes included in life saving survival kits. However it’s always best to take with you additional provides of life saving materials. These provides may be used in basic shelter, first aid solutions, signal or call for rescuers, water and food provision, health needs, warming needs and tools which will help survivors find their way food. Different situations may need different survival skills. In the case of ship wreck, swimming could be a vital survival skill similarly as the ability to build fire using the most unlikely resources.

Survival supplies are considerably abundant in military operations particularly during overseas operations. Survival supplies are also available in coastal rescue …

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Five Tips to Make Prepping Easier

Five Tips to Make Prepping Easier

No one who decides to begin prepping thinks it’ll be a simple feat. Prepping isn’t something you do because it’s a quick and easy win. If it was, I’d argue that a lot a lot of individuals would be doing it.

Prepping is hard. I’ve said it time and time again, and I’m not anywhere done saying it yet. There are so many excuses a person can come up with for not taking reparedness seriously – numerous “reasons” not to prep. But once the chips are down, you’ll chalk all those reasons down to one simple umbrella statement: prepping is hard.

Why Prepping Is Hard

Why it’s so hard to be serious regarding preparedness is up for debate, but in my opinion, two simple factors make it as hard as it is:

  • Prepping encompasses a lot of different topics (outdoor skills, first aid, personal finance, self-sufficiency, etc.), and
  • We’re limited. Limited by a lack of time time, energy, funds, ability to concentrate, and a slew of other things.

While, for me, it’s simple to pinpoint why prepping is so hard, it’s another story taking this data of the difficult aspects of prepping to show them on their head and try to make prepping easier.

See it’s not like acknowledging that prepping encompasses a heck of lots of different topics helps us to be ready to gain experience or information in those different …

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Natural Treatments Every Prepper Should Know

Natural Treatments Every Prepper Should Know

You live during a world where so-called modern wonder drugs, laboratories, and equipment have obscured a lot of primitive yet extremely effective kinds of medication involving determination, common sense, and many easy treatments. This is one thing you need to always keep in mind when thinking about first aid in survival situations. A well-stocked first aid kit can only take you so far, and only last you so long.

When lost in the wild, or in the aftermath of a natural disaster where you’ll be cut off for days, months, years, or forever, for that matter — from the corner pharmacy, let me remind you that I have been in combat in many components of the planet where folks still depend on local Shamans or healers to cure their ailments.

Many of the herbal and botanical primarily based treatments they use are as effective as the most “modern” medication available. In fact, several modern pharmaceuticals you’re taking for granted, owe their origins to the herbs and plants found in the rain forests. Here are many “natural” first aid treatments you need to get to understand.

Antihaemorrhagecs for hemorrhage

You can create medications to prevent bleeding from plantain leaves, or, most effectively, from the leaves of the common yarrow or woundwort (Achillea millefolium). These mostly give a physical barrier to the bleeding. Prickly pear, the raw, peeled part or witch hazel will be applied to wounds. each are good for their …

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Survival Tips – Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations

Survival Tips - Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations

Anyone who understands the worth of multi-purpose items realizes how necessary duct tape is. In fact, the majority would be hard pressed to come up with another item which will function several purposes as duct tape does.

Much more difficult than providing a comprehensive list of duct tape usages is narrowing that list down to the five best uses for this unbelievable tool in a crisis scenario. Everyone’s prime five list would be different, depending on a variety of things together with the weather, the type of clothing you’ve got in your bug-out bag and the specific tools to that you have access.

For this specific prime five list, I’m attending to stick with the duct tape uses that just about anyone may benefit of during an emergency scenario. It’s very possible you’ve already used some of them, and perhaps you’ve heard or considered some others. Hopefully, there’ll be at least one that you’ll find yourself saying, “I’ve ne’er considered that.”

Duct Tape Origins

There are many totally different opinions relating to how and why duct tape was created, including one that says it was formed for the purpose of sealing air ducts. Some credit Johnson & Johnson for 1st developing this versatile item during the 1940s – in response to a U.S. military request – for the purpose of waterproofing boxes of ammunition in order to keep moisture out.

Regardless, duct tape quickly became common. Since then it’s taken on totally different forms, functions and colours, and may now be found in homes and supply kits, also as among hunting, fishing and camping gear.

OK, now for my prime five duct tape uses during a crisis:

Clothing – Following a disaster that causes you to bug out, you’re likely to possess to spend a big quantity of your time in the outdoors. The weather will be a giant factor here, however regardless of the temperature, you may got to be shielded from the weather. Any variety of clothing items – footwear, gloves and even visors – can wear out quickly, but you’ll layer and kind duct tape to fashion temporary versions of one or a lot of of them.

Survival Tips - Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations duct tape pants

First Aid – Even with hiking boots or walking shoes, you’re likely to get blisters when you’re traveling on uneven terrain within the wilderness. Duct tape

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